Activities for Kids

St. Joseph is a well-established pre-school, occupying safe and bright premises with open outdoor area. They actively implement the pre-school education with creative, interesting and fun kindergarten activities.

These activities provide an environment for the children to build up their confidence and motivate them for interaction with others.

The professional, experienced, and well-qualified staff of St. Joseph provides a stimulating and caring environment to the children. The staff helps the children to develop the kindergarten skills with various activities.

Some of the activities, offered by school include –

Music: Regular music classes are given to the students by an educator with care and attention. Different musical instruments are explored to the students in the music class for better understanding of music.

Story Telling: To build the confidence in students, school conducts regular story telling sessions in both English and Hindi language.

Technology learning sessions: School often organizes the learning sessions to make students learn usage of computer and other digital gadgets.

Activity day: Once in a week, school make students feel relax and let them experiment with nature’s beauty through gardening, painting, and playing with clay.

Library: The school library is full of books for students of different ages and this facility helps the students to explore the world of books.

Regular Interaction– At the beginning of each academic year, school organizes an orientation session for interaction of students with schools. Four times a year, parent teacher meets are scheduled to discuss the child’s growth. Parents can discuss openly regarding special interests and talents of student that can help in their development and growth. On regular basis, the circulars are sent to home along with the school diary.

Sports– The school offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor games to develop the spirit of confidence and sportsmanship in little children. To involve the students in fun and games, school conducts sports meet at least once a year.

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