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Toppers of Mathematical Talent Quest and English language Proficiency Test
  • Event Date: 21-Mar-2024
  • Updated On: 21-Mar-2024
  • Total Photo(s): 18
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Description: Today, we were gathered to celebrate the academic excellence and hard work of our students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in Mathematical Talent Quest and English language Proficiency Test conducted by Clover Institute of Success in January 2024 in our school. Competitive exams serve as a platform for students to showcase their knowledge, skills, and talents. They not only encourage healthy competition but also foster a spirit of diligence and determination. Our students have indeed risen to the occasion, and their achievements deserve to be applauded. Total 109 students of our school had appeared in both the tests. Whereas only in Mathematical Talent Quest 78 students of our school from class 1 to 8 had participated and from those 17 have scored 85 percent and above which is really a great achievement. 17 students who have scored 85 and above percentage received Certificates of Honour. Rev. sister principal appreciated and motivated our students with’ Certificates of Honour’. Class 4 1. Gursirat -86.4 2. ⁠Harnaaz- 90.29 3. ⁠Aishmeet - 86.4 Class 5 4.Divya - 96.1 5. Kannan - 95.9 6. ⁠Sehajdeep Kaur - 95.28 7. ⁠Sukhmanjodh Singh- 87.29 8. ⁠Morvi -94.67 9. ⁠Paraspreet Kaur - 89.75 10. ⁠Harnoor Kaur -95.45 11. ⁠Avni Dhiman -96.52 12. ⁠Harjot Singh- 92.82 13. ⁠Parnavdeep Singh - 91.59 Class -6 14.Ekampreet - 93.78 15. Jaisal - 94.67 16. ⁠Japleen - 94.37 One of our talented and brilliant student Kaman who had topped this test in our school and scored 98.36 percent was awarded with memento for his outstanding performance. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who has made this event possible.
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